Manufacturing Excellence ASSURED
with Minitab

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Manufacturing is one of the Industries where Data means a lot. Therefore, understanding the Importance of Analytics in Manufacturing Sector is even more Critical for survival.

Data Analytics not only enables Manufacturers to Improve Product Quality but also helps them to Improve Production, Logistics, Marketing and selling Process and gain Actionable Insights to Increase Revenues and Drive Maximum Customer Satisfaction.

With Minitab, leverage the Maximum Insights from your Data

Minitab Provides the Tools you need to Analyze the Data and helps to find meaningful Solutions to your toughest Business Problems. Now available on both Desktop and on the Cloud.

Used most often in conjunction with the implementation of Six Sigma, Lean, 5S, kaizen, TQM & other Data-Driven Process Improvement Methods.

Best for: Both Beginners and the Most Seasoned Data Scientists and Analysts.



What You'll Learn

NB – This webinar is an Introductory Session where our presenter will showcase the key Capabilities & Feature’s with a basic example of the Topic. This is not a Technical Demonstration or Training. We have specialised in-depth Training to deliver the Technical Knowledge of the Tools & Software.

Manufacturing Excellence ASSURED with Minitab

Live Online Webinar using Zoom

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