Expanded Statistical Features.

Enhanced AI.

Enriched Visualisations.

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Expanded Statistical Features


Nonparametric Capability Analysis

Nonparametric Capability feature offers a sturdy solution for assessing process capability in cases where neither distribution nor transformation is suitable.

EMP Method for Gage Studies

Evaluate Measurement Process (EMP Crossed) feature equips users with the necessary tools to evaluate process variation in a measurement system utilizing crossed designs, employing Wheeler’s EMP criterion as the preferred method.


Improved 1-Proportion Test

Numerous enhancements have been implemented within the 1-Proportion Hypothesis Test and Confidence Interval function.

Enhanced AI

Automated Capability Analysis

Automated Capability assesses the suitability of the normal distribution and automatically offers alternative distribution fits or transformations.


Interactive Table Builder

Explore relationships between variables interactively and construct informative descriptive statistics tables with ease using the Graph Builder’s drag-and-drop interface, accompanied by live previews.

Enriched Visualisations

Interactive Pareto Chart in Graph Builder

Graph Builder now incorporates an interactive Pareto Chart tool, enabling users to identify features such as defects to prioritize or the characteristics that contribute the most to an outcome.


Enhanced Graph Editing

Easily tailor results interactively with the latest graph editing features, including options to show/hide gridlines at major tick positions, add reference lines, and include Y-value data labels.

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