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Learn How Minitab Engage Can Support Your OpEx Journey

Drive the best ideas to innovate & achieve operational excellence.

Accelerating growth and improving profitability begins with good ideas and ends with solid execution. Minitab Engage is the only solution specifically designed to help organizations build improvement and innovation programs, execute them with the help of problem-solving tools and proven project management methodologies, then track key performance metrics in real time to demonstrate ROI.




Measure ROI


Target & Collect Ideas

Build a culture of innovation
Foster the best ideas and encourage workforce engagement by inviting everyone in your organization to submit their ideas wherever and whenever they arise, using the fully customizable idea form.

Evaluate idea potential and align initiatives
Idea forms prompt submitters to score their ideas according to criteria important to your organization, including alignment with critical business initiatives, before automatically calculating weighted benefit, effort, and risk ratings for you, giving you everything you need to evaluate and prioritize emerging innovation and improvement opportunities.

Evaluate & Kick-Off Projects

Accelerate innovations with proven problem-solving methodologies
Streamline your process of vetting which ideas move forward to become projects. Select steering committees so the right people are notified, and action items don’t get lost in a Friday afternoon barrage of emails. Teams can start from proven methodologies like DMAIC, DFSS, Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA), and Kaizen Events, or define your own.

Visualize plans with brainstorming and diagramming tools
Provide your team with a comprehensive suite of resources for assessing and developing plans designed to solve challenges and capitalize on new opportunities. Minitab Engage is equipped with valuable brainstorming and diagramming tools like mind maps, fishbone diagrams, idea maps, and affinity diagrams.


Innovate, Execute, & Commercialize

Execute with comprehensive problem-solving tools
Map each step in your journey with the Minitab Engage project manager and a robust set of visual tools and forms that enable the execution of projects and commercialization of innovations throughout your organization, including root cause analysis tools, Five Whys, SIPOC, project charter, and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA).

Advance timelines with automated notifications and backups
Keep projects on track with timely email alerts that notify team members when projects need their attention, including new project assignments, project approvals, key phase reviews, and upcoming milestones. And everyone can work with the confidence of knowing that projects are automatically backed up to avoid re-work or loss of insights.

Incorporate insights from Minitab Statistical Software analyses
Project team members can send output from Minitab Statistical Software directly to Minitab Engage, or embed a Minitab file directly in their Engage roadmap.

ROI in Real Time

Monitor project status
Immediately review the status of your improvement and innovation initiatives with real time dashboards in Minitab Engage, to empower decision-making and strategic course correction.

Track KPIs with dynamic dashboards
Visualize key project metrics with dynamic, up-to-the-minute tracking of performance metrics of your program. See financial summaries, progress toward set targets and monitor project status. View your entire initiative or focus on specific projects, teams or divisions.

Generate presentation-ready reports
Demonstrate organizational influence and keep key stakeholders engaged by easily creating reports and dashboards to document contributions and successes.

Recognize and replicate success
Inspire teams to replicate successes throughout the organization by using Minitab Engage to start, track, manage and share innovation and improvement initiatives from idea generation through execution.


Ready for a demonstration of Minitab Engage?

Lead your organization on its own personal path to success with customizable Roadmaps and tools.

Regardless of your company's improvement methodology — Lean, Six Sigma, or (often the case) a customized blend of methodologies best suited to your products and services, development and internal processes — Minitab Engage has the tools you need to execute projects efficiently.

Add value and eliminate waste. Lean organizations have the right resources in place doing the right work for the customer, with the right quality and at the right time. Project teams can access a comprehensive set of customizable Lean tools in files that are both easy to use and easy to share, and customizable Roadmaps™ include the tools and guidance needed to efficiently run Kaizen Events, Just Do It projects and more.

From project idea to problem solution, Minitab Engage provides the infrastructure, governance and tools for Lean Six Sigma program deployment. Follow a DMAIC Roadmap™ pre-populated with all the tools you need, or build your own to reflect your company’s improvement methodology. Project data rolls up to your dashboard automatically, so you get up-to-the-minute reporting on hard and soft savings, project duration, number of projects started and more.

Ensure successful developments from requirements definition to final qualification test with Minitab Engage’s integrated DFSS toolkit. Use a Concept-Design-Optimize-Verify roadmap through each step. And for Quality Function Deployment, information is automatically shared between the requirements list in the pairwise comparison matrix, houses of quality and design scorecards. Plus, a Monte Carlo Simulation tool can take your models directly from Minitab and help you characterize, understand and optimize your product or process by envisioning numerous scenarios and their projected impact.

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