Idea and Innovation Management Platform

Why is innovation almost always on the strategic agenda of organizations? Because time and time again innovative organizations grow faster, perform better and create more value for their stakeholders.

According to multiple landmark studies, innovation comes down to idea generation, organizational sponsorship and idea implementation – all of which require employee engagement.

Leading organizations often refer to a culture of innovation as being at the core of bringing products to market faster, outperforming their peers and operating at a high level. At the heart of this culture is the notion of open innovation: transparency and collaboration between peers, departments, suppliers and customers to find and follow the best ideas, no matter where they come from.


Idea and innovation management platforms, like Minitab Engage, enable organizations to collect ideas (via a virtual suggestion box), gain sponsorship, and execute on them. By targeting areas of improvement, simply looking for good ideas, or challenging an organization to innovate in a very specific way, platforms like Engage, expedite the process of innovation from ideation to execution.

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Solicit ideas with the Idea Form

Use the standard idea form to generate ideas around unlimited topics and opportunities or customize your idea forms to generate opportunities exactly where you need them. Leverage the power of idea generation to begin your innovation journey and highlight areas for growth, cost savings, and value creation.


Gather the essentials with the Innovation Form

With the innovation form, organizations can require idea submitters to score their ideas according to criteria set by your organization, ensuring that the ideas most aligned with your critical business objectives jump to the front of the line. This helps filter out “noise” and focuses the effort in order to jump-start an innovation initiative. Customize the form to meet your specifications in the way that helps you the most.

Automated Insights About Ideas

With the Minitab Engage automated Benefit-Effort-Risk summary, you quickly identify and prioritize the best opportunities and find the fastest way to make the largest impact. Accelerate quick-wins to generate momentum for your innovation journey.


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